Friday, April 20, 2012

Goldwars Now Available in Spanish: Las Guerras del Oro, by Ferdinand Lips

I received an update recently from Barbara Lips, daughter of the late Ferdinand Lips to whom this blog is dedicated, that the book, “Gold Wars” has now been translated and published in Spanish under the title: “Las Guerras del Oro”.

Ferdinand Lips’s classic book was originally published in 2001 just at the time gold had begun its spectacular bull run from the spot price of around $270.00 to a whopping $1650.00 today. This book is perfect for anyone curious about monetary systems and how honest, free market money has always been a safe haven throughout the ages and the lack of honest money has been the cause of many past and current wars and atrocities; hence the book title.

Please join me in spreading the word that this vital reading is now available to Spanish speaking students of Austrian Economics globally. You can read more about it at the Lips Institute website.
All my best,
Kirsty Hogg Founder of Why Buy Gold? (and Silver!).

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