Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Holiday Greeting from Kirsty

Dear Members of Why Buy Gold? (and Silver!):

No one knows what is in store for us in 2012, but we certainly have a very good idea after reading and viewing all of the amazing resources posted and provided by you in the past two years in Why Buy Gold? (and Silver!). Armed with this knowledge, we have the power to take action and prepare for an economic tsunami of which so many are not yet aware. The reason why this group is successful is because enlightened and knowledgeable members continue with the desire to spread the word on reasons people need to buy gold and silver and other “stuff” that will aide us in the future if the SHTF. I express my heartfelt thanks for your support and input to the group over the last year and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a special holiday season.

My goal is to grow the membership of this group at least another 1000 people in 2012. Growing this group is always a challenge, so if anyone has an idea on how to help, please add your comments below.

We will continue to spread the word on the importance of physical reserves and how we protect our savings by storing a portion of our wealth in precious metals.

As we look ahead to the coming year, we should always remain optimistic in our outlook and not cave under the weight of dreary doom and gloom opinion day after day. To paraphrase Chris Martenson, we know there is a definite outcome to this 40 year fiat money experiment, and it will be the same as has occurred throughout human history. It is simply how we deal with this outcome that matters most.

All hail physical gold and silver!

Kirsty Hogg