Saturday, April 3, 2010


Why Buy Gold?

A hedge against Inflation - Hyperinflation Survival - To Protect My Family
One of things I learned from reading the incredible book, “Stories from the Desk of a Bullion Banker”, written by Phillip Judge, on what is going on in our lives today is that there is a global need to combat inflation; the silent economic cancer that plagues our lives on every continent of the planet.

What is inflation?

Our first thought is to think that inflation means prices increasing. In the context of general conversation, this sounds correct, but it isn't. Inflation in the economic sense means to inflate money. By this I mean to increase the availability of money, or plainly putting it, printing more money into existence. When we increase the circulation of money but the availability of goods and services remain the same, this causes an increase in prices. So, when you hear the word inflation, it isn’t prices mysteriously getting higher, it means that the prices are higher AS A RESULT of an increase in the money supply. Inflation is a silent tax that robs people of their savings, purchasing power and prosperity.

In order to combat inflation, we need to find something that will always hold its value. We need to find something that is not subject to the effects of an increased money supply. For many millennia, gold and silver have remained a stable currency; their purchasing power has never changed and they have proved to be inflation-proof assets.

To demonstrate, in 600 AD, 3 grams of silver (a silver Dirham) would buy a chicken. Guess what, in England today, 3 grams of silver will still buy a chicken. We can demonstrate this further by looking to ancient Roman times. Around 1 AD in the Roman world, for one ounce of gold; one could buy a fine toga, a wool coat, handcrafted leather sandals and belt. Today in 2009, for once of gold (1100 USD March 2010 AD) a man can buy a tailored suit, cotton shirt, tie, belt and a pair of leather shoes.

Silver and gold are a reliable, solid safe haven to store your wealth and protect it against inflation. By keeping your money in fiat currency – Dollars, Euro, Pounds, etc. you are subjecting your hard earned savings to both inflation and devaluation.

Where are you storing your hard earned money now? In a savings account? "High Interest" account? At all times, inflation is eating away at your savings, even while you sleep.

In the absence of gold, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.” Alan Greenspan

Let me know if you are ready to save your money in tangible gold and silver. I buy gold and silver in a variety of forms to protect my family.

By, Kirsty Hogg
YOUnique Gold Tribe Member
Goldvestments Copyright (c) 2010

"Millenium Money" DVD Australia Fair Publishing.
Judge, P. "Stories from the desk of a Bullion Banker

I leave you with this installment from Chris Martenson's Crash Course, Chapter 10 "Inflation".


  1. Inflation is the root of all evil. The rise of hitler was in part caused by inflation. Most of the time when severe inflation occurs its companion is social unrest.

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