Saturday, March 13, 2010

First Grocery Store to Accept Silver

The National Inflation Association recently posted a video that really struck a chord with me. Take a look at this portrayal of an actual purchase of regular convenience store items with tangible silver.

Although my favourite form of tangible silver is of the privately minted bullion round or bar variety (due to the pristine 999 fine silver and the low premium), I will now be taking a second look at junk silver.

This video conveys two powerful points:

1) We are not too far off from this type of business to be as commonplace in every city.
2) These low-budget, educational videos are a really powerful tools to portray some pretty complex issues in very uncomplicated way. So let's get out there and make some videos.

You can view the video HERE.
I think I’m going to buy my first bag of junk silver!


  1. I think there are two states that have bills in the state legislature to use PM's as currency. I believe one is in the Carolinas and I forgrt where the other is. I think as the monopoly mony continues to roll off the presses you wil see more of this. And I do have a lot of silver dollars, quarters, dimes, halves, and even war nickles. If oe when the SHTF, people will barter first with what the know.

  2. Greg, This is always a sticky subject. On the same subject, have you ever read this story about Franklin Sanders? The Most Dangerous Man in the Mid South? Anyway, here it is: Just further to what ou were talking about with state legislature. Word of advice. Know the law and never break it. Happy reading. Best! Kirsty

  3. That is a very interesting article, I am not sure how it applies to me but The subject is facinating and just like the song says "I fought the law and the law won" they will even when there isn't an actual law. WHen I talk about when the shtf, there will be no law, only anarchy.

  4. Hi G. The piece on Franklin is interesting. That's why I love that guy. He's no flake. He puts his "silver" where his mouth is. I just really felt I learned something after reading his story. I could be made into a movie! I'll post the link again for others:

    The Most Dangerous Man in the Mid South?

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